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Episode #013: Younger Dryas – Extinction – Part 2

We recorded this a few days after Halloween, so RC talks about Taurids, more on the Younger Dryas Boundary megafauna extinction, and the ‘Great 5’ previous massive events, then some of the affects on civilization if another similar event happened today.

We’ve been charmed with the Holocene’s extended warm and stable climate, but we’ve still been through shifts that have stressed and modified our advancements. RC also shares graphs showing the sudden decline of the Clovis Culture.

Randall defines the Quaternary period and shows some of the taphonomic circumstances in which mammoth and other megafauna remains have been found, observing that they all were preserved due to sudden and catastrophic burial, as described vividly and dramatically by anthropologist/explorer Frank C. Hibben.


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