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Episode #017: Younger Dryas – Impacts

During a loose review of topics from the previous episode with Cosmic Tusk George Howard, RC talks about discovering the mysterious Carolina Bays controversy, searching for Georgia tektites along the “fall line” south of Macon, the “Complex Theory” for the Bays’ formation and its downfall, and the location of the Hiawatha Crater in relation to the many documented flood features at the Ice Sheets’ margins. The geomorphic evidence is inconsistent with typical marginal recession, so we are considering melting epicenters hundreds of miles from the margins.

Randall also talks about melting epicenters and sub-glacial drumlin formation, being obsessed with the sudden shift of the Younger Dryas since he learned about it in the mid-80’s, the seminal paper introducing the carbon-rich layer – the ‘black mat’, and looking to find an integrating theory. He also broaches Velikovsky, asking for some extraordinary proofs from the EU crowd, and then gives an extraordinary introduction to our upcoming series of episodes on the YDB.


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Michael Davias LiDAR of the Carolina Bays

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