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Episode #019: Younger Dryas – Evidence for Catastrophe

Randall talks about the ‘Great 5′ extinction events’ severity and that all are now connected to impact events, then brings us back to the latest mass extinction at the YDB and whether we are now amidst a 6th. He reviews where we left off last episode and wants a report on Hall’s Cave near the Snake Bros in Texas…

Randall presents more evidence for catastrophe from studies in Mexico and Venezuela that confirm inter-hemispheric effects to the planet at the YDB. He then goes into some of the writings and sources of the critic Mark Boslough, who uses a paper by Yang et al. that actually point to their evidence being from a cosmic event. Lastly, the ever-present sun is considered as part of the complex puzzle – quoting from ‘Explosive Events on the Sun’ and asking: ‘What is the trigger?’

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