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Episode #023: Younger Dryas – The Vanishing of the Clovis People – Part 2

After a bit of review about the sudden disappearance of the southwestern deserts’ Clovis settlements coinciding with the YDB, RC ventures further into the records of PIDBA, with maps showing the massive reduction in projectile-point finds across the US. Other studies show a hiatus of occupation in the Great Lakes Region, Belgium and also southwest Asia. After a summation, he shares a study that links the evidence for an ET event with that of the Tunguska aerial burst and the Chicxulub crater associated with the K-T Boundary impact, which includes potential options that would not leave all the required “markers” for impact – like an oblique/tangential passing of a disintegrating comet. RC had envisioned that exact scenario and modified a graphic almost twenty years ago to present as a possible explanation for the catastrophe. (Extended summary topics/notes will be available on the new website – very soon!)

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