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Episode #047: Drumlins – Flow-form Forensics

Jerome Lesemann, from Vancouver Island University, is a drumlin expert, and student and colleague of pioneer of the Meltwater Hypothesis for the formation of drumlins – John Shaw. After some introductory reminiscing, we let Jerome have the floor and educate us about the enigmatic geomorphological features known as drumlins. Their presence far and wide across North America, beneath the former continental ice sheets is put into perspective. Though supported by hydraulic modeling and analogy across seven orders of magnitude, the widespread and various forms’ genesis is still contentious and controversial, hundreds of years after the phenomenon was first observed! The fields of drumlins are SO vast, that the quantities of water necessary to create them all is “absolutely astounding” and the major hurdle to acceptance of the hypothesis. Perhaps the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis will offer a boost to its explanatory potential…

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