16 Jun 2023 7:00pm (CST)

Cosmic Summit — June 2023

The speakers at The Cosmic Summit are a deliberate mix of internet speculators, controversial authors and published scientists with rock solid data. Our common intellectual thread is a belief that humans and earth have been traumatized by cosmic impacts prematurely rejected by the mainstream.

We wont agree on everything, but we will provide an antidote to intellectual conformity, received wisdom, and authoritarian science elites. Join us!

Additional information about the Cosmic Summit — June 2023

June 16-18, 2023

Tickets available thru cosmicsummit2023.com

From the event page:

“Millions worldwide believe there is more to recent earth and human history than recognized by our gatekeepers. The Cosmic Summit will tell the whole story best we can.

The heterodox subjects addressed at The Summit will include the well-published Younger Dryas Impact Event, More Recent Cosmic Impacts, Suspected Precursor Civilizations, Clovis People, The Black Mat, Gobekli Tepe, Lost Ancient Technologies, Controversial Archaeology, Megalithic Monument Building, Egyptian Mysteries, and Catastrophic Geology.**

The event will be live streamed worldwide through howtube.com. But for those who come to beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, the gathering will be a unique opportunity to eat, drink — and think — with others who ponder ages past. And ages to come.”

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