Icosahedron (Walnut or Cherry Wood Finish)


*PLEASE NOTE* Production of Polyhedra is temporarily on hold. Backorder fulfillment time is TBD, if you would like updates on product availability, please contact us here for more information.

Plato’s associated element – Water. 20 faces. 12 vertices. 30 edges.

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Also known as The Five Platonic Solids

We produce a variety of 3-dimensional geometric models in various mediums that can be used for purposes of teaching the principals of geometry or can simply serve as objects of aesthetic appreciation on their own.

Their use dates back at least as far as the Etruscans some 3,000 years ago, probably earlier, into Neolithic times. Plato held them in high esteem and devotes a major part of Timaeus to an elaboration of their cosmological properties. Pythagoras believed they provided keys to unlocking the secrets of creation. The pinnacle of Euclid’s grand treatise on geometry, The Elements, involves a discussion of the unique qualities of the Five. Models of the Platonic solids as well as a variety of other 3-dimensional geometric forms were developed by Randall and team for use in Sacred Geometry classes.

The five regular polyhedral models sold here are handcrafted exclusively for Randallcarlson.com by artisans at Archetype Design Build in Decatur, GA. You will find nothing else quite like these unique models anywhere in the world. They are all currently sold in an 11” size, which means that the vertices of each solid all lie on an 11-inch sphere.

They are all constructed from furniture grade plywood. The Wood Series has a wood veneer applied. They are sold individually or in a set of 5.

20 faces. 12 vertices. 30 edges.
SIZE: 11″ x 11″ x 11″
WEIGHT: 45 oz

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