Video Podcast

Episode #099: Great Flood thru Idaho / Hurricane Frequency DOWN / Holocene Temps in Greenland Ice

RC reviews high points from his “Redemption of the Beast” plus other related studies, which are only a sampling of over 300, but no one is talking about them – all you hear is that rising CO2 is taking us toward some horrible Climate Crisis/Disaster!

Episode #098: Solar Variability Ignored / CO2 Fertilization Effect / IPCC Mandates AGW / Dark Age Cold Period

“In terms of scientific objectivity, this seems…an approach that is not compatible with the results…in the scientific literature and even unwise relative to the results highlighted by this paper and of other recently published works.” R. Connolly

Episode #097: Rafting Bonneville Flood / How to Start an Ice Age / CO2 Benefits Ignored

RC rides a raft through the route of the Lake Bonneville megaflood! He takes a diversion from the CO2 benefits list to ponder what conditions are required to start and perpetuate an Ice Age. Summarizing the Spring ’23 conferences shows his brilliance

Episode #096: Carbon Dioxide Benefits / Cranky Climate Deniers / Social Control Disclosure

The crew returns after a spring full of touring to bring you high level stressful Carbon Dioxide Controversy! Is there a Climate Crisis worthy of hysteria and shutting down modern society? HighCO2 has repeatedly been shown to benefit plants and trees.

Episode #095: Unprecedented Climate Crisis? Are they Joking? CO2 is Plant FOOD 2

To counter the “Climate Crisis” narrative, RC gets back into the science touting the virtues of CO2, the amazing process of photosynthesis, and the studies that prove that atmospheres enriched with CO2 makes plants respond exuberantly and thrive.

Episode #094: Carbon Dioxide is Plant FOOD! Defending Graham Hancock! Climate Controllers?

Carbon “Sinks” absorb and also distribute it thru the cycle of circulation between the Ocean, the biosphere and the atmosphere. The Carbon Cycle and Carbon “sinks” are revisited, as RC gets into an overview of his article “Redemption of the Beast”

Episode #093: Fossil-filled Blast Wind Muck Deposits in Alaska with Embedded Microspherules

After some population graphs, RC describes his current understanding of a “Plasmoid” and his involvement in a new technology venture. He shifts to a 2017 paper about the Alaskan and Yukon Mucks – with chaotic and cosmic contents from blast-wave winds.

Episode #092: Winter Solstice 2012/2022 // Arctic Death Spiral of Ice Melt? CO2 Absorption and Temperature Rise

The crew rejoin on the solstice ten years after the Mayan calendar “end” that was to result in destruction and/or transformation. RC gets back to climate “crisis” disinformation – dire predictions and model data doctoring. And dangerous water vapor!

Episode #091: Deceptive US Heat Wave, Global Temps & Historic CO2 Levels Reporting

Heat Waves in the US are INCREASING! Or are they? Direct graphs blatantly show how low current levels of CO2 are and how global temperatures were much higher than they have been the last five million years during the onset and cycling of ice ages.

Episode #090: 500 years of EXTREME Storms! Follow the Science to Expose the Hockey Stick Hoax

RC was introduced to the listing of catastrophism references amassed by Charles Hapgood in his book Path of the Pole. He reads thru an extensive listing of weather disasters over the past 500 years, and points out the flaw in using models over data..