The Malcolm Bendall Lectures

OPEN SOURCE ACCESS To The MSAART PLASMOID TECHNOLOGY As Announced By Randall Carlson On The Joe Rogan Podcast

BUCKLE UP PEOPLE! This video series is not "infotainment." Malcolm Bendall, the conduit for bringing forth clean, sustainable, universal power for our planet, lays it all out. He answers the MANY questions people have about himself & the technology!


The Malcolm Bendall Lectures, Section-1: INTRODUCTION To MSAART Plasmoid Technology & The Practical Applications

WHAT IS PLASMOID TECHNOLOGY AND WHY SHOULD I CARE? In this video series you will get the facts about the man, the tech, the machines, the many industrial applications and their global implications, all directly from Malcolm Bendall himself. Throughout this video series, Malcolm answers the MANY questions people have been asking online. Also, as a convenience, we're making a few products available that are all specifically related to the content of these lectures. Those can be found on each video page by watching this series on howtube The Malcolm Bendall Lectures. PLEASE NOTE that the Introductory Sacred Geometry Course from Randall Carlson is particularly relevant to this content. Enjoy The Series!

Section-2: MSAART PLASMOID TECH / The Holy Grail of Science, Now Manifest / MODEL OF THE ELEMENTS

Malcolm explains PLASMOIDS in relation to THE MODEL OF THE ELEMENTS & Sacred Geometry. You will learn what they are, where they come from & why geometry is a necessary component to the understanding & practical application of the technology.

Section-3: THE PLASMOID PLANETARY POWER PLANT EXPLAINED & Its Impact On Our Society Today / The Holy Grail of Science, Now Manifest.

Knowing the history of this technology is vitally important as we ready it for immediate use. Its future use, along with the social, business and political implications are explained as well and how we are ALL "standing on the shoulders of giants!"

Section-4: WAS PLASMOID TECHNOLOGY USED IN ANCIENT HISTORY? A Study of History, and Ancient History, Reveals That Our Ancestors Knew About PLASMOIDS!

The further you go back in history to study and learn, the more knowledge you'll have to utilize in your present reality. This practice is certain to shape your future for the better when the knowledge obtained is responsibly applied.

Section-5: MSAART PLASMOID TECH EXPLAINED: In This Section You Will Learn of The THUNDERSTORM GENERATOR And How It Works

People ask: "Is this technology ready to go? Can it be applied immediately, if so, how disruptive is it to existing industries? Is it safe? Is it clean? Is it FREE energy, and does it involve perpetual motion?" Malcolm answers ALL of these questions.

Section-6: MSAART PLASMOID ENGINE: A Deep Dive Into The Tech And PHASE-1 ROLLOUT STRATEGY, "Engine Retrofits!"

Many people have asked, "Is there any proof that this technology works? Are there verifiable test results? Are there any working prototypes? The answer is YES. This video is a deep dive into the functionality of the MSAART PLASMOID TECH / RETROFITS!

Section-7: MSAART PLASMOID ENGINE: Diesel Engine Retrofits

Same technology and set up as shown on Section-6.

Section-8: MSAART PLASMOID ENGINE: Gas Engine Retrofits

Same technology and set up as shown on Sections 6 & 7.

Section-9: MSAART PLASMOID ENGINE: Kerosene Engine Retrofits

Same technology and set up as shown on Sections 6, 7 & 8.

Section-10: MSAART PLASMOID TECH: Chimney Retrofits

The burning of coal to produce energy is only 34% efficient. MSAART PLASMOID TECHNOLOGY recovers the wasted 66%, brings it back into the furnace bed to double the efficiency, which makes the entire process nonpolluting at the same time!

Section-11A: MSAART PLASMOID TECH: Thunderstorm Generator Schematics

In this section you learn exactly how the "Thunderstorm Generator" works, which is important if you care to be among the first people to know. Malcolm walks you through the science from multiple perspectives to give you a well rounded, balanced view.

Section-11B: MSAART PLASMOID TECH: The Implosive Energy Revolution

Implosive technology is advanced technology. It's clean and Life affirming. Explosive technology, which is what we've been using since the beginning of the last industrial revolution, is primitive, destructive and at this point we can say-- childish.

Section-12: MSAART PLASMOID TECH: The Holy Grail of Science, Now Manifest / MODEL OF THE ELEMENTS

In this presentation, Malcolm takes a deeper dive into THE MODEL OF THE ELEMENTS and explains why it truly is the Holy Grail of science, which is now ready for the world.

Section-13: SANSKRIT SHIVA LINGAM: Hartmann Whistle Version

In this video, Malcolm takes you on a very interesting journey into ancient history and demonstrates how our ancestors new about PLASMOIDS. He shows you how they applied them and why it's important to know about this in our time.

Section-14: AETHER / MATTER / TIME: Time Reversal and Acceleration

Let's Get Serious Now: In this video you will learn how MSAART PLASMOID TECH releases energy by reconstructing matter and how it uses the Zero Point to effect the variables of light-speed, gravity and area thru time acceleration and reversal.

Section-15: MSAART PLASMOID ENGINE: Energy To Matter Space Drive!

The Future is NOW: Interstellar space travel is not only possible, it's likely you will experience it in your lifetime. Enjoy the future now as Malcolm explains the reality of MSAART PLASMOID TECH for travel both inside & outside Earth's atmosphere.