Episode #069: Mega-scale Incomprehensible Floods

We look at awesome landscapes and agree that the sheer immensity of the flooding events is beyond our abilities to comprehend. Questions about the formation of Moses Coulee and the standard “Ice Dam” model of repeated release are just not adding up!

Episode #064: Secrets of Sacred Geometry

During a summary review of the recent Sacred Geometry workshop in Sedona, Arizona, Randall gets charged and keeps on rolling into some of the hidden meanings and wonders of the esoteric studies. Why Sacred? What does it all mean? Better listen AGAIN!

Episode #063: Merging Megafloods

More features and forms along the Snake River, on the Bonneville Flood’s catastrophic pathway across southern Idaho, north thru Hell’s Canyon to the Clearwater River confluence, where the modern towns of Clarkston and Lewiston are divided.