Episode #079: Intense 1871 Conflagrations in Chicago/Peshtigo

RC reads detailed and sometimes graphic accounts from witnesses and survivors of the widespread and devastating firestorms that incinerated Chicago and the tiny town of Peshtigo – simultaneously America’s largest historic urban and forest wildfires!

Episode #077: The Slaying of Taurus – Hints of Cosmic Firestorms

We look at various definitions, following the etymology of “temperance” – the 14th trump of the Tarot deck, and the card’s symbols encoding the great cycles of cosmic destruction. RC dives into the “Tauroctony” which presents many additional clues…

Episode #076: Great Year Time Cycles and Tarot Symbolism

Sacred numbers are revealed again in the Vedic Ages, relating the measurement of time and space. Then Randall recalls experiences of deja vu and flashbacks, questions reincarnation, and addresses the multi-layered symbolism encoded into Tarot cards.

Episode #073: Implausible Moses Coulee Formation

Great firestorms and comets, and the destruction of Atlantis are all topics we’re going to get into deeply. Let’s focus now on Moses Coulee’s formation. RC proposes sudden flash melting and multiple flows coming south off the Cordilleran Ice Sheet!