Video Podcast

Episode #052: Meteor Crater and Monumental Erosion

Effects of the blast wave from the central Arizona impact 50,000 years ago / detonations of nuclear weapons during the 1950’s / estimates for a similar event every 1600 years are pondered – considered to be even shorter now?

Episode #051: Southwest Experience Tour Review

NE Arizona and SE Utah: RC shares his images and scrolls around maps. We visited Sedona, Meteor Crater, Rock Art Ranch, Monument Valley, the Great Goosenecks, Mexican Hat, Valley of the Gods, Montezuma’s “Castle”, Montezuma’s Well, and Tuzigoot ruins

Episode #050: Wisconsin Glacial Megafloods

Sites we’ll be visiting on the “Southwest Experience” tour / reminiscing about prior trips and a memorable retreat in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains / reminded of links between micro/macro evidence that can help identify ice sheet impact sites

Episode #049: Subglacial Megafloods in Southern BC

RC and crew again attempt to grok the widespread shifts that would have filled the many proglacial lakes and released the catastrophic drainings across the landscapes. What was the chronology of these interrelated events? Ice dam and Missoula Floods

Episode #048: Meltwater Musings and Lake Agassiz

More drumlins and their formation at the base of the continental ice sheets that covered Canada. The catastrophic release of Glacial Lake Agassiz into Minnesota and the relict oversize spillways containing underfit rivers.

Episode #047: Drumlins – Flow-form Forensics

Jerome Lesemann PhD, is a drumlin expert and student/colleague of John Shaw – pioneer of the Meltwater Hypothesis. The enigmatic geomorphological features are present far and wide across North America, beneath the former continental ice sheets

Episode #046: Potholes and Mid-continent Megafloods

What was the impulse of energy that initiated the domino procession of megafloods? We marvel at the oversized mid-continent spillways in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin – investigating multiple sites with the National Map’s “advanced viewer”

Episode #045: Phenomenal Lake Agassiz and Megaflood Spillways

Lake Agassiz was an inland sea of freshwater, dwarfing the Great Lakes that drained catastrophically thru multiple routes back to the oceans. Mid-continent spillways contain meandering underfit rivers, but were once channels for huge volumes of melt

Episode #044: Megafloods – Missoula, Lake Agassiz and Mars

Historical reference for the evolution of the Missoula Floods that Harlen Bretz identified in the 1920’s by traversing the Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington, speculating that the floods came from accelerated Cordilleran ice sheet melting

Episode #043: Geocosmic Clues at Lake Hind

Articles that purport to kill the whole Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis / geomorphic imprints right into the surface of the Earth of gigantic megafloods – meltwater episodes of inconceivably humongous volumes of water discharging off the ice sheets