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Episode #074: Misplaced Clark Fork Valley Trains Show Opposite Flow

The impounded lake region of northwestern Montana, where the meltwater filled the Flathead Basin and drained out the Clark Fork River Valley, has valley trains on the south side that reveal evidence for water flowing into the Valley – not out…

Episode #073: Implausible Moses Coulee Formation

Great firestorms and comets, and the destruction of Atlantis are all topics we’re going to get into deeply. Let’s focus now on Moses Coulee’s formation. RC proposes sudden flash melting and multiple flows coming south off the Cordilleran Ice Sheet!

Episode #072: Glaciers’ Big DAM Problems – Meltwater Conduits

Recent climatic fluctuations including the Medieval Warm Period, and the Little Ice Age that generated European glaciers’ advancement. Big problems that hinder ice from retaining deep water – interstitial cavities, moulins, tunnels and conduits.

Episode #071: Pressure – Enemy of Glacial Ice Dams / Outburst Floods

Randall continues poking holes in the “Ice Dam” model that credits “Lake Missoula” as the primary water source that carved the Channeled Scablands. Studies of glacial outburst floods reveal nothing that support the possibility of a 2100′ deep lake…

Episode #070: Immense Ice Dam Extrapolation / Floods Controversies

“Back to Bretz” to consider the likelihood that the floods were augmented by sudden rushes of meltwater from the Ice Sheet that loomed directly to the north of the entire suite of megaflood features, RC shows how this makes perfect and obvious sense.

Episode #069: Mega-scale Incomprehensible Floods

We look at awesome landscapes and agree that the sheer immensity of the flooding events is beyond our abilities to comprehend. Questions about the formation of Moses Coulee and the standard “Ice Dam” model of repeated release are just not adding up!

Episode #068: Problematic “Lake” Missoula – Ice Dam and Mega-ripples

RC continues to poke holes in the conventional view of the Ice Dam and impounded Lake Missoula, exposing evidence throughout the basins that indicate they were filled suddenly by flows incoming from the north, NOT by a century of enhanced rainfall!

Episode #067: Interpreting Subglacial Flood Forms w/ Jerome Lesemann

We start off considering the movement and subglacial features of the Puget Lobe, with its extensive tunnel valley systems, drumlins, and obscure moraine. Great Lakes Region, New York’s Finger Lakes, Lake Pend Oreille, Lake Missoula, Omak Plateau…

Episode #066: Scablands Tour – In the Field with Randall Carlson

With maps, photos, and drone video, we revisit the May “Contact at the Cataract” tour event with Darren from Grimerica, Ben from UnchartedX, Kyle and Russ from Brothers of the Serpent, and Bradley out in Arizona prepping for another tour with Randall.

Episode #065: Channeled Scablands – Questioning the Doctrine

The Channeled Scablands