Video Podcast

Episode #062: Bonneville Mega-Lake and Megaflood

Randall lists many of the sites he’s shown, noting that we’ve just “scratched the surface” of revealing the ubiquitous megaflood features across North America. Massive Lake Bonneville eroded thru a narrow notch before scouring a path of destruction!

Episode #061: Scenes Almost No One “Sees”

We make multiple Southern Appalachian stops: Cumberland Falls in KY, Noccalula Falls Cataract and channel at the foot of Lookout Mountain in AL, and Bonas Defeat on the Tuckasegee River of western NC all show effects of transformative flood action.

Episode #060: Relict Appalachian Megaflood Phenomena

Relict Appalachian megaflood features

Episode #059: Egypt Tour Review with UnchartedX and Cosmic Tusk

We get an accelerated review from the leader of the sole tour group that was visiting the awe-inspiring temples and ruins along Egypt’s Nile River Valley late last November into December.

Episode #058: Intense Pluvial Events in the Southern Appalachians

Outlining the progression of thinking about the cause of blockfields and sediment fans throughout the southern Appalachian Mountains, from the gradualist perspective of periglacial effects to a more catastrophic view of extraordinary rainstorm events.

Episode #057: Ciphers and Symbolism / Appalachian Megafloods

Symbolism and ciphers, the Tarot and Temperance, Kabbala and Hebrew alphabet, cycles of destruction and Freemasonry. After that whirlwind of mind-twisters, RC articulates a brief review to get us reoriented back into the megaflood evidence across NA.

Episode #056: Swapcast with Grimerica – Tours and Events

The guys who brought it all together! We recall how the relationships and events initiated back in 2014, and reminisce about the great people that have gotten involved to grow this community of historical curiosity.

Contact at the Cabin events
SW Colorado reviewed, and future plans are previewed: a “Grail Mystery” tour into France and a “Plato’s Atlantis Azores event.

Episode #055: Clues to Reconstruct Megaflood Events

Evidence is everywhere, as we converge once again on Central New York State and the Finger Lakes / Lake Ontario region to explore the many glacio-fluvial features, many possibly the result of another proposed impact that created the Rochester Basin.

Michigan’s Saginaw Lobe and Grand Valley
Considering accumulation of ice and glacier flow/spread, differences between living/dead ice, flood/megaflood events, & maps.

Episode #054: Traumatic Subglacial Erosion of Finger Lakes Region

Get reoriented with Finger Lakes, NY, region’s topography and erosion features / geomorphology that must have resulted from regional floods / more landforms that were from catastrophic subglacial discharges / varied flow-forms all around Lake Ontario

Episode #053: Ontario Impact – Finger Lakes and Drumlins

We get back into the formation of drumlins and the problem of scale, while revealing massive swarms in and around Lake Ontario, which includes a deep basin that seems an emanation point for the radial Finger Lakes.