Video Podcast

Episode #022: Correspondence

Randall responds to listener questions: Curious features in Ontario, east of the ancient Sudbury impact site; Myth of Phaeton referring to Younger Dryas catastrophes; Sudden freezing of Mega-mammals; Origin of the Earth and plate tectonics; drumlins

Episode #021: Younger Dryas – The Vanishing of the Clovis People

The Clovis people disappeared almost completely at the Younger Dryas Boundary. What happened to them? Snake Bros rant conspiracy, but RC shrugs and allows that the methods are very technical, then continues to reveal others’ evidence supporting YDIH

Episode #020: Lakes – The Great Record Keepers

Lake cores from Central America bring forth more evidence of YDB extraterrestrial event markers. Critical for people to realize that humans were present during this period of catastrophe and were victims, not the instigators

Episode #019: Younger Dryas – Evidence for Catastrophe

The “Great 5” extinctions that are now all connected to impact events. Studies from Mexico and Venezuela confirm inter-hemispheric effects to the planet at the YDB. Critic Mark Boslough uses a paper by Yang et al. that actually points to cosmic event

Episode #018: Younger Dryas – Black Mat

RC recounts some previous missed predictions of catastrophe and the morals from “Boy who Cried Wolf”. The YDB black mat contains nano-diamonds – What kind of events can produce these unique markers? What may be the culprit for repeated catastrophes?

Episode #017: Younger Dryas – Impacts

Randall talks about the Carolina Bays, Georgia tektites, Hiawatha Crater, melting epicenters and sub-glacial drumlins.

Episode #016: George Howard

We discuss the Comet Research Group, the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, and Hiawatha Crater with George Howard of the Cosmic Tusk.

Episode #015: Younger Dryas – Fossils – Part 2

Review of species loss and timings of the “Great Five” extinction events in Earth history, and Megafauna fossils from the YDB.

Episode #014: Younger Dryas – Fossils

Randall reviews more fossil evidence showing widespread catastrophic destruction of large animals at the YDB.

Episode #013: Younger Dryas – Extinction – Part 2

Randall talks about the Taurids, and more on the YDB extinction. Megafauna remains that have been found show evidence of sudden and catastrophic burial.