Video Podcast

Episode #044: Megafloods – Missoula, Lake Agassiz and Mars

Historical reference for the evolution of the Missoula Floods that Harlen Bretz identified in the 1920’s by traversing the Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington, speculating that the floods came from accelerated Cordilleran ice sheet melting

Episode #043: Geocosmic Clues at Lake Hind

Articles that purport to kill the whole Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis / geomorphic imprints right into the surface of the Earth of gigantic megafloods – meltwater episodes of inconceivably humongous volumes of water discharging off the ice sheets

Episode #042: Volcanic Eruptions “Upend” YD Impacts Evidence?

Evidence for nanodiamonds in Oklahoma Panhandle / chart of Volcanic Explosivity Index / ash from Mount St. Helens has been found and dated within the Scablands floods’ rhythmites, basis for theories of repeated Lake Missoula dam-break outburst floods

Episode #041: Nanodiamonds and Nay-sayers

The most comprehensive paper detailing the findings of nanodiamonds at 24 sites in ten countries across three continents, and a 2008 contribution that sought to slam the YDIH as soon as it was presented, noting odd timing and fallacy-filled arguments

Episode #040: Megaflood Appalachian Boulder Fields

Scoured valleys in the Appalachians are filled with cobbles and boulders that tell a specific and catastrophic story. Giant boulder deposits, imbrication. Excellent gateway that dabbles into our forthcoming multi-episode journey into megafloods!

Episode #039: Meteors and Fireballs

RC reviews the necessity to get these details and fingerprints covered thoroughly, as we are beginning to make the deliberate segue from YDB evidence into megafloods. He shares multiple accounts of meteors/fireballs reported in the early 20th century

Episode #038: Tunguska’s Geocosmic Lessons

Tunguska witnesses’ accounts and photos from Leonid Kulik’s team excursions into blast zone, as we ponder what forces could’ve inspired the frightful anecdotes and created the many odd features that remain – some of them reminiscent of Carolina Bays

Episode #037: Cosmic Lessons – Tunguska’s Terrifying Tales

Cosmic lessons from recent events are lending insights that can be applied to solve the Younger Dryas mystery / advancements of technology that we employ to piece together the incomplete human puzzle

Episode #036: Asteroid Day Special Edition

Looking back to the origin of the Taurid meteor stream and its fragmenting/disintegrations possibly timing with the climatic changes over the last 25k years, with one of its members having been the “Tunguska” object that exploded over Siberia in 1908

Episode #035: Wildfires and the Wasteland

Speculation about our planet being engineered and possibilities of tweaking the system. Returning to the evidence from Greenland’s ice cores for extraordinary continental-scale wildfires, we discuss possible weather changes in a devoid landscape