Video Podcast

Episode #032: Correspondence #2

Correspondence with Randall. RC and crew look at Lac Saint-Jean as a potential impact site, with comparisons to Lake Nipigon. Several other Patreon contributors’ questions and comments are addressed

Episode #031: Fingerprints of Catastrophe – Microspherules

We look at the variety of microspherules that have been recovered from 18 sites across four continents, and the graphs that show great abundances of the proxies, many of which have been shaped at over 3000 degrees, peaking right along with the YDB

Episode #030: Fingerprints of Catastrophe – Spherules

We look at products of hyper-velocity impact events and microscopically-enhanced spherules that are repeatedly found in association with the Younger Dryas Boundary – now across four continents, bolstering the idea that this event was truly global

Episode #029: Fingerprints of Catastrophe

Fingerprints require enhancements with technology to assess – like the spectrum of microspherules at the YDB horizon or the variety of indicators that are retrieved from ice cores / differences between airbursts and impacts, along with bolide types

Episode #028: Destruction by Floods and Fire

Commonality of legends of cyclic catastrophes due to floods and fires, and the reasons why Native Americans didn’t adopt stories of a great flood from visiting missionaries. We show evidence of huge floods that occurred across the Pacific Northwest

Episode #027: Comets and Platinum Group Metals

More details about the 5 stages of the life cycle of comets. Platinum group metals and their uses in technology. Outer gas giants’ orbital distances are exactly what they need to be to create a bucket-brigade delivering comets to inner solar system

Episode #026: Comets and the Cosmic Biome

Incoming Comet Atlas and parabolic orbits / 2014 article referencing “exobiology” / BOTS guest Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe – wondering if life is prevalent across the universe, and whether or not plagues/pandemics are due to cosmic activity

Episode #025: The Life Cycle of Comets

Effects this process can have on Earth. Meteor showers and progression of a disintegrating comet provide material for multiple impacts. Critical lessons from Sheomaker-Levy 9, K-T boundary impact, Tunguska, and nuclear detonations – evidence for YDIH

Episode #024: Younger Dryas – The Big Picture

Generalist scientists need to cross-pollenate between disciplines and adjust focus to the “Big Picture” of human/Earth history, to which the Younger Dryas Boundary is a back-drop, obscuring our view of possible prior Pleistocene high civilizations

Episode #023: Vanishing of the Clovis People – Part 2

Widespread Cultural Collapse: Review of sudden disappearance of southwestern deserts’ Clovis settlements coinciding with the YDB, massive reduction in projectile-point finds across the US, hiatus of occupation in Great Lakes Region, Belgium, &SW Asia