Video Podcast

Episode #015: Younger Dryas – Fossils – Part 2

Review of species loss and timings of the “Great Five” extinction events in Earth history, and Megafauna fossils from the YDB.

Episode #014: Younger Dryas – Fossils

Randall reviews more fossil evidence showing widespread catastrophic destruction of large animals at the YDB.

Episode #013: Younger Dryas – Extinction – Part 2

Randall talks about the Taurids, and more on the YDB extinction. Megafauna remains that have been found show evidence of sudden and catastrophic burial.

Episode #012: Younger Dryas – Extinction

19th century scientific journal articles make it clear that megafauna were killed in such quantity at the Younger Dryas Boundary, it must have been a global catastrophe.

Episode #011: Younger Dryas – Catastrophe and Megafauna

We look at the Younger Dryas period, the late ice age, as well as some of the enormous animals that lived during that time, and died when it ended.

Episode #010: Precession, Cosmic Numbers & Cycles

We transition out of the Atlantis discussion and into a wider discussion on the Younger Dryas Boundary.

Episode #009: Atlantis Mystery – Part 7 – Richat

Randall reviews the published works on the Richat Structure, concluding that it is a fascinating, and entirely natural, geological feature.

Episode #008: Atlantis Mystery – Evidence Revealed – Part 6

More Atlantis evidence, and the first look at the Azores as a possible remnant location.

Episode #007: Atlantis Mystery – Evidence Revealed – Part 5

More Atlantis evidence. Randall isn’t trying to “prove the existence” of Atlantis, he’s just showing that there is geologic evidence to support Plato’s words.

Episode #006: Atlantis Mystery – Evidence Revealed – Part 4

Could the Younger Dryas event be connected to the Atlantis mystery?